Covid-19 has

has thrown the world into a state of panic. Many countries have people struggling for basic items such as food. We are working hard to  help the less fortunate and aid those who are unable to support themselves. The Food Parcels consist of items that can support people during this pandemic.

Help Us Provide

families and individuals in South America with basic food items during these uncertain times. Now is the time that we need to support one another and alleviate the suffering of the vulnernable and needy.

‘He who gives someone fire is like one who gave in Sadaqah all (the food) that the fire cooked. He who gives salt is as if he gave away all (the food) in Sadaqah which the salt made tasteful. And he who gives a Muslim a sip of water at a place where water is available is like one who sets a slave free. And he who gives a sip of water to a Muslim where water is not available is as though he revived someone to life.’ (Ibn Majah)