One of the major projects we are working on is assisting people who are living in houses that are desperately in need of renovations.  By improving and repairing homes, we will be able to ensure that these families find a sense of comfort and stability.

Many families living in Guyana and the Caribbean are unable to carry out necessary restorations to their homes due to lack of finances.  We intend to utilise funds raised to assist underprivileged communities, by either building new homes or renovating current ones.

Help us to fulfil the aim this project and assist those members of these communities who are in dire need of safe and cleaner homes.  We at SteppingStones Charity make it our mission to enable people to overcome barriers they are facing, and help poor communities try to live independent lives.  We are committed to making a lasting difference with all those we try to help.

Every act of goodness is charity.”  (Muslim)