Ramadan Food Packs

We Are Providing

food parcels for those in need across South America during Ramadan. These food parcels will help alleviate some of the difficulties faced by many people and communities across South America.

From Venezuela refugees and numerous families from Syria, Afghanistan, and as well as war-torn Yemen, including local poverty-stricken neighbourhoods.

The Food Packs

altogether, food parcels can sustain a family of 3-4 adults daily. The food parcels will consist of a wide variety of nutritional and dietary products ranging from salt to packets of rice. These food parcels will only cost £30 each which is as little as £1 per day.

Ramadan is Extra-Special

for those less fortunate than us. As Muslims, our charity should not only increase in this month but should also be maintained outside of Ramadan too. Undoubtedly, your donations will help alleviate the suffering of many people.

Donating towards a Ramadan Food Parcel is a highly commendable duty and act as the rewards are fruitful and endless.

‘He who gives someone fire is like one who gave in Sadaqah all (the food) that the fire cooked. He who gives salt is as if he gave away all (the food) in Sadaqah which the salt made tasteful. And he who gives a Muslim a sip of water at a place where water is available is like one who sets a slave free. And he who gives a sip of water to a Muslim where water is not available is as though he revived someone to life.’ (Ibn Majah)