Chickens And Their

eggs are a beautiful commodity for poor families. Most importantly, they are of nutritious value for many hungry and poor neighbourhoods as well as a means of livelihood.

They are especially easy to breed, manage and look after. A point often overlooked is that they only require little space, making them a particularly good option for families with smaller plots of land. And of course, a chicken’s droppings make great compost for thriving crops.

The Gift of Chicks

to poor families, with the correct education and training, can be multiplied to create and generate income, share with neighbours, and evidently make a better life for poor communities.

Thus ensuring security for generations to come through the passing on the gift of chicks.

With This Purpose

in mind, we want to help families generate income so that they can be totally independent and enhance their well-being. The Gift of Chicks will cost £3.50 per chick and a clutch of 20 chicks will be provided for each family which will cost in total, £70.

Each family that receives chicks, will be trained on how to sell the offspring and eggs for extra income. Thus, making them an ideal business venture for vulnerable families.