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About Us - SteppingStones Charity

What makes us different

We are a non profit organisation whose prime objective is to promote and improve education and alleviate poverty and suffering of the poorest of people in South America, regardless of their ethnicity, gender or beliefs

100% Goes To The Field

100% of your donations fund our projects

We’re An Open Book

Our accounts are available and transparent

We Prove Every Project

We track every penny we raise and show the projects our donors helped with

Where We Work

We believe in the importance of helping those in need. We work with society’s most vulnerable to provide support, awareness and – above all – the opportunity to live a full and independent life.

The Future is Bright

We’re not just about funding new projects, we’re also taking care of the ones we’ve already completed. This is how we ensure that our projects continue to provide to communities long after they are implemented. Projects is a system of local leaders, innovations and trained workers all collaborating together to keep projects flowing at SteppingStones Charity.

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