Our Story

The Power To Be Poor No More

It began with a question. The one I asked a poor woman sitting outside her dilapidated home in the underdeveloped streets of Guyana, South America.

“What do you want most in the world?”

Opportunity”, she replied.

And there it was. Simply put, the most profoundly sensible and sustainable formula for benefiting the less fortunate. Empowerment.

And thus, a conversation evolved about her entrepreneurial dreams and how they could be brought to life. I watched, myself inspired, as her eyes shone with waves of possibility, and I vowed to make those means available to her.

That encounter gave life to the spirit and ethos of SteppingStones Charity: charitable empowerment rather than just giving.

In the years since, SteppingStones Charity has witnessed that empowerment is a living, breathing entity, which with the right nurturing, evolves into something spectacular. And we have witnessed just how transformative and life changing the impact of the smallest of donations are.

Our charity – your charity – is now a global movement of passionate individuals, entrepreneurial spirits, and impactful leaders, being empowered and in turn empowering and fostering self-sustaining meaningful lives.

Hundreds have joined us, making contributions both large and small, and through committing their talent and business nous, so the poor are empowered to be poor no more.

Our Mission

We aspire to transform lives and empower communities around the world; helping to break the poverty cycle and build brighter futures.

Our Values


We listen, we care, we serve


Passionate in improving the quality of everything we do


Striving to empower individuals with ideas and skills that can be demonstrated and transferred


Working together to make a global difference


Treating others with respect regardless of gender, ethnicity or beliefs


A culture where difference is valued and respected

Our Vision

We envision a world where the poverty stricken and destitute communities have equal opportunities as everyone else.