Donate Cryptocurrency

Make a Bitcoin donation to SteppingStones Charity and help change lives.

Make a Bitcoin donation to SteppingStones Charity and help change lives.

At SteppingStones Charity, we are always looking for ways for people to support us with ease. That’s why we’re now accepting Bitcoin donations.

We hope through such an innovative currency as Bitcoin, we can open up new avenues for people to support us and reach new donors.

From our observation of future trends, it seems likely that we will receive digital currency as a donation at some point and we want to be prepared for that eventuality.

This will enable us to continue and expand our work for poverty-stricken families in South America as well as helping the homeless in the UK. By donating your bitcoin, you can support some of the most neglected families in South America, largely comprising of vulnerable women, innocent children and the elderly in addition to supporting homeless people in the UK.

So What is Crypto Currency?

It’s a form of digital currency. It works in the same way as a cash donation. Anyone can send donations to us without providing their details. While bitcoin donations are anonymous, we do encourage donors to notify us of when they have made any form of donation.

Please Note:

Please notify us via email ( of any bitcoin donation that has been made including your name, the type of donation (Lillah, Sadaqah, Zakaat etc) and the project the donation should go towards. Any donations received via bitcoin that has not been followed up by an email will be allocated to the most needed project.

Bitcoin payments are irreversible by the sender, so any refund would need to be made by request to SteppingStones Charity in writing and would be assessed at that point.