What is Fidya?

Fidya or Fidyah is a religious donation to help and support those in need. It is the compensation for missing a Salah or a Fast for a person who cannot perform them. This can be due to being either terminally or extremely ill. Whether they are young or old or are unable to fast due to old age. In addition to those in need of medication if their well-being may be affected.

Taking into consideration these points, if a person is not able to make up for the missed Fasts, then he/she will need to pay Fidya.

What do I pay?

The amount of each missed Salah or Fast or each minor mistake in Hajj is to give 1.6 kg of wheat or its value to the poor. This is the same amount given for Sadaqatul-Fitr which is currently £5 per person.

If fasting is not possible for the whole month of Ramadan, the total would be £150.



paying Fidya means you can relieve the hunger of a fasting person by providing them with Iftar and Suhoor meals this Ramadan.

Above all, your Fidya donation can make a huge difference to the most vulnerable people around the world, especially in the forgotten land of South America.

Whether you are fasting or not this Ramadan, we wish you a blessed month of deep connection, spirituality and togetherness with loved ones.

In a similar fashion, we will guarantee that your donations will be used in the best way, to provide nutritious meals to those affected by poverty.