New to the world of online fundraising? Don’t fear. It is quick and easy to set up a Fundraising Project for a cause you care about on GoFundMe and so rewarding. You can make a real difference in just a few minutes.

So how does it work?

Create a page

It really is that simple for you. Choose a cause you want to support from our projects and create a Fundraising Page to raise money. Add a story and say why you’re raising money and add a picture or video. If you’re taking part in a challenge or event, make sure you include that too. Don’t forget to explain how the Charity helps (this can be a personal story from your own experience or information you have sourced from the charity’s website).

Share it with your family and friends

Text your family, post it on your friends’ Facebook walls and WhatsApp or email your link to everyone (share it on social media).

Your family & friends donate

All that hard work means donations come flooding into your page and get you on the way to achieving your target.


You build the page, share it, update it and thank your supporters as your fundraising journey progresses, now it’s over to us.

What we do with your donations

The money that you raise on your page is sent to the cause you have chosen to support. Donors can either pay a small transaction cost that the payment providers (in our case PayPal) charge or they can simply opt-out of the charge (the choice is theirs!). You don’t need to take any action, your job is simply to spread the word as far and wide as possible about the fundraising you are doing, we take care of the projects.

We do not use any donations whatsoever for any administration costs unless it has been donated exclusively by kind donors

Feeling inspired? Get your next fundraising journey started today!