You can shave your head for SteppingStones

Start your campaign in just two easy steps!

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s your big day, graduation or anniversary, you could use it to change the world.

How it works

Pledge your moment

The first step is simple-decide your moment and then pledge it. It could be a wedding, a graduation, or even growing a beard. Once you have decided your moment, choose one of our current appeals and start a fundraising page.

Start a campaign

Start a fundraising page by clicking on the Pledge Your Moment button and completing the sections. Send the page link to your family and friends asking them to donate to your project. Instead of gifts, ask for donations and your special moment will help change lives.

Change lives

We’ll ensure 100% of the money you raise goes to your project. Your gifts become gifts for others. That’s a moment you’ll remember forever.

Video record or Send a picture of your pledge and we’ll upload it in our Hall of Fame.

Wonder what it’s like to pledge your moment? Why not be the first person to send in a picture and we’ll upload it in our Hall of Fame.