Access to education is not only a basic human right, but also a key factor in reducing poverty and child labour. Basic education gives people greater economic opportunities and empowers them to lead healthier, more productive lives. One of the most effective ways of improving livelihoods is by increasing access to quality education.

“Do not wish to be like anyone except in two cases. A person, upon whom God has bestowed wealth and he spends it righteously; the one whom God had given wisdom and he acts according to it and teaches it to others.” (Bukhari)

By donating to SteppingStones Charity education programme, your funds will be allocated in order to:

  • Offer tutorial programmes through class based approaches and technology during and after school
  • Assisting teacher’s inn improving overall achievement of pupils.
  • Supporting adults improve their literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Aiding people in supporting their own livelihood.
  • Providing educational equipment such as books, bags and stationary.
  • Publishing and distributing educational materials.