Solar Wells

Across South America, many people drink from rivers and lakes which are often polluted, contaminated and impure.

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Across South America

many people drink water containing bacteria or a virus which will often develop diarrhoea. Additionally, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and other acute gastrointestinal symptoms. In severe cases, these symptoms can lead to dehydration and death

Sometimes The Only

solution is to build environmentally friendly and sustainable Solar Wells. Since traditional hand pumps or buckets with a rope system will not work in South America.  Our Solar Wells will harness the sun’s energy bringing clean, safe drinking water. Chiefly being accessible to everyone without fear of disease.

Moreover, our solar panels will generate electricity, which can be routed to homes and other buildings bringing electricity to remote areas.


Due To The Success

of our current solar wells project in the Amazon Forest, we would like to extend our project to those donors who cannot afford to donate towards a complete Solar Well individually. You can donate as little as 1p collectively.

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Sa’d asked, “What sadaqah (charity) is the best? The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “To meet the water needs of people and animals.” (Ibn Majah)