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Distributing Spanish-only translations of the Quran to  Muslim and non-Muslim, individuals, and organisations.

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The Aim Of The Project

is to distribute Spanish-only translations of the Quran to the wider communities. Above all, regardless of being Muslim or non-Muslim, individuals, and organisations.

This is due to the high demand of people interested in Islam since the opening of Masjid Yusuf in Cuenca city, Ecuador. Currently, we have no Spanish Quran’s in stock to meet the demands of the wider community.


Our Free Quran

distribution project began with a simple dual language Arabic/Spanish Quran. This was approved and attested by King Fahad Publications.

This Spanish Quran will be distributed on your behalf. You can also sponsor the distribution of Quran’s in the memory of a loved one as a sadaqah Jariyah project.

With your help, the Quran’s will be distributed without preference to belief, gender, nationality, or creed to all in need.


As With Many Charities

we rely heavily on the voluntary support of our countless well-wishers across the globe. Our work is only possible through the hard work and financial support of our supporters.

The Target is to print locally, thus also helping the local economy, 10,000 copies of the Spanish Quran. Each Quran will cost approximately £5 to print.

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